We're funded! - Barisieur 2.0 Immersion Edition with wireless chargingther milestone. | Joy Resolve


We’ve reached another milestone and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

Barisieur 2.0 Kickstarter - Goal Reached!

With the second successful Kickstarter campaign, we’re entering a new chapter. Thank you for helping us achieve our goal! Your Barisieur's are already in production and we can't wait to deliver them to your doorstep and elevate your morning routine.


Welcome Nathalie, Josh P. & Emily! 

We’ve grown as a team, welcoming three new awesome members and slowly switching back to the office life, leaving behind the work from home routine.

  • Emily our Customer Success & Logistics Manager. She's currently making sure our Barries are in the right place at the right time and assisting our awesome community.

  • Josh P. has come on board as "Business Development Associate" - he's dealing with all the retail and distributor requests and actively going out and exploring new territories across the world, to our admired retailers. 

  • Nathalie is our Digital Marketing Assistant, diving deep into the E-commerce analytics and making sure the content we produce is of value to our viewers.

    JoyResolve x B8ta

    Now things seem to be easing up across the world and people are coming out of lock-down and governments trying to boost the economies. We've managed to secure a spot in over 20 stores in the USA with our latest partner B8ta! B8ta is a retail-as-a-service company with a chain of 22 standalone stores that serve as presentation centers for consumer electronics and home goods. The Barisieur is on display out-of-the-box and with the help of B8ta’s store employees,  (b8ta testers), can be put to the test. We’re looking forward to welcoming even more coffee lovers to the Joy Resolve Community.

     Barisieur 2.0 on Indiegogo

    For those of you that have missed our Kickstarter, you can still pre-order The Barisieur Immersion Edition With Wireless Charging on Indiegogo.

    To place your order and join the Barisieur Community - click here. 



    Thank you! 

    All the best,

    Josh Renouf

    Founder | Joy Resolve