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Groove Compact


Groove Compact

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RRP Save €-85,00

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Groove Compact Grinder

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RRP Save €-85,00

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AllPress Coffee (250g)


Roasted to highlight the juicy berry flavours; this is for those lazy Sundays in bed.


The Groove Compact

Our most compact, high-performance burr grinder is here.

Go. Anywhere.

With it's built-in battery and bean storage, Groove Compact is at-home on your adventures.

Perfect with Barisieur 

Whether you are using it for the Barisieur, a french press, AeroPress or your typical pour over, grind directly into the reusable filter for the freshest morning brew.

Compact, it's in the name.

The Groove Compact fits perfectly on your bedside for freshly ground brews in the morning. It can plug directly into the back of the Barisieur to charge through the USB port.

Multiple Dosage

Fill the hopper with your desired dosage. It can take up to 25 grams adjust the burr to your desired coarseness.  The catcher has enough for 110ml of coffee grounds.

From fine to coarse

Turn the adjustment anti-clockwise for a more coarse grind and clock-wise for a finer grind. The burr has over 45 clicks. Start at 0 before adjusting to your preferred brewing method. 

The more coarse the grind, the faster the Groove Compact will operate. 

We encourage users to experiment with beans and coarse adjustments as it will be different for different brewing methods. 

Quick Start Guide

Key Features

Compact Design

The Groove Compact is pint sized, so you can take it anywhere.

45+ Grind Settings

Adjust your grind size from espresso to pour over for a perfect brew.

36mm Durable Burrs

The machined stainless steel burrs provide premium consistency.

Wireless Grinding

Powered by a 1250mAh Li-Ion Battery, grind multiple servings on a single charge.


The Groove Compact grinds beans directly into the grind container, resulting in minimal retention within the burrs.

Auto Stop

It detects when there are no more beans in the hopper, automatically shutting off.

Premium Construction

Triple Bearing Lock

The triple bearing lock seals the shaft from debris and provides a super stable turning point for consistant grind size

Spring-Loaded Burr Set

Multiple settings for multiple coarseness. From coarse French Press, Pour over, to even fine Espresso.

Directional Hopper

Leave the Groove Compact to grind whilst you prepare your water or filter papers for the perfect brew.