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Allpress Coffee

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Allpress Coffee


AllPress Coffee (250g)

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The Perfect Blend

Roasters Notes

Roasted a little darker than Allpress Espresso Blend, we take the development further to soften the acidity and introduce richer chocolate notes. The backbone of this blend is the Brazil which brings a big body and some sweet cocoa. A honey processed coffee from DR Congo brings dark chocolate and subtle dried fruit notes. The Colombian provides a touch of acidity to provide some balance, as well as milk chocolate and sweetness.


Bean  Origins

Brazil Melado - Natural
Colombia Pescador - Washed
D.R Congo Kivu - Honey

We've partnered with the almighty AllPress, to pair this beautiful blend with the Barisieur.

After much testing, sampling and grinding at various levels. We settled on this finer-than-usual grind to pair with the Barisieur's stainless steel mesh filter. The Mesh filter's coffee faster than paper filters. So a finer grind allows for more flavour transfer, letting you can enjoy a great cup everytime.

Through the letter box - Subscription

We know the feeling when you go to grab the bag to scoop some coffee out; to only find that you are out. It's 2021 and we know convenience is key now. We are now offering a subscription service for both coffee-beans or ground-coffee. Don't worry, the packaged fits through the letter-box with its beautiful slim yet recyclable packaging. You can choose the regularity of subscription and cancel/pause at any time.