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Brew Chamber

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Brew Chamber


Brew Chamber (Barisieur Attachment)

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The Brew Chamber adds loose leaf tea, tea-bags, and immersion styled coffee brewing to the Barisieur for a bolder brew.

RRP Save €-57,00

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AllPress Coffee (250g)


Our carefully selected blend for the Barisieur. 

Weight: 250g


Key Features

Suspended Brew

The Brew Chamber uses our unique silicon Tea Gate design to suspend the brew

Tea and Coffee

Tea bags, loose leaf and immersion-style coffee, it does it all.

Made for 2

Brew up to 300ml (2 servings) at once.

Compatible with the Barisieur

The Barisieur is fully compatible with the Brew Chamber add-on, which is available for Pre-order.

Using our unique "Tea Gate" design, your brew is suspended to achieve your optimal brew strength. Gently lift the handle to release the brew into your cup.

Designed for brewing Loose Leaf, Tea Bags and Immersion style coffee.

Get Creative

Throw in your favourite berries and let steep for a fruity, hot beverage. Use tea bags when your in a hurry and enjoy quality loose leaf brews when you have time.

Our Latest Brewing System

Built for modularity, the Brew chamber can make your favourite drinks, from fruity teas to chocolaty coffees

Tea Gate

The tea gate controls the flow of your brew out of the chamber. Lightly lifting the strainer will let it flow out.

Hand-blown Glass

The Glass Chamber is made by master glassblowers to the highest quality.