It's getting cold outside! So put your Christmas jumper on, grab your cup of tea and curl up on the sofa with a good book. In this blog, we’ll take you through our three main tea recipes and how you can use The Barisieur to get that perfect cup.




1. The Classic: 

Why we love it? 

As a London based company, we’re big on the classic "British cup of tea". 

Place loose English Breakfast tea in the funnel or a teabag in the cup, add water to the boiling vessel and wake up in the morning to the perfect cup. Tailor it to suit your taste by adding milk, sugar and potentially a cheeky scone on the side.


- Loose English breakfast tea

- Milk 

- Water 200ml


2. The Winter Warmer:

Why we love it? 

The perfect home remedy full of vitamins to fight the cold. The tea also soothes the throat, is a natural anti-inflammatory, relieves nausea and tastes amazing! Just place some chamomile tea in the funnel, some ginger, lemon juice and honey in the cup and wait for the tea to brew.


- Loose chamomile tea

- Fresh ginger

- Honey ( use our Milk vessel decanter to store your honey )

- A squeeze of lemon juice 

- Water 200ml


3. The Zen:

Why we love it?

Not only will your room smell fresh of mint and it's great for fighting the morning breath, peppermint also helps relieve headaches, improves energy levels, fights bacterial infections and improves concentration. Place the leaves in the funnel or cup and enjoy!


- Fresh Peppermint leaves or loose peppermint tea

- Honey

- Water 200ml


"Take your morning routine to the next level..."

If you are a morning person or a night owl we hope waking up to the smell of fresh tea or coffee made by The Barisieur will make your mornings more productive, save you that precious bit of time, create timeless moments and put you in a good mood, ready for the challenges ahead. 

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All the best,

Joyresolve Team

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